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Parenting Consultations

Workshops & Parenting Consultations. ParentingUKlogoKamilaKaminskaParentingConsultations

Parenting for many parents is the most rewarding, demanding and satisfying role they have ever done in their lives.

These popular parenting consultations can help you feel more confident, supported and well resourced in your role - whether you want to overcome some troubling behaviour issues, or to find a way of managing your "emotional buttons" in the face of daily triggers.

I work with parents whose children are as young as 18 months and up to 18 years old. We can meet for a one-off consultation or regular appointments, depending what you need to feel that your family life is getting back on track. Parenting consultations can help you with:

- difficult to manage behaviours
- frequent outbursts of anger
- school-age child fears and anxiety
- sibling rivalry
- struggles with setting and keeping boundaries
- school or bedtime routines
- parenting together after separation.

I am deeply involved in supporting parents and families from all over the world in a positive, meaningful and well-researched way. Apart from providing parenting consultations, I am also a group therapist for parent & baby groups, and in 2016 I was representing Global Prenatal Initiative at the World Family Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Contact me to ask any questions or book your consultation.

Workshops for parents and adults

Workshops & Parenting Consultations. AnxietyworkshopKamilaKaminskaNewbury

Does your child regularly become distressed before leaving for school?

Do you dread the drop-off/pick-up routine and the emotional strife it causes you and your child?

- a toolkit for a caring parent -

Come to this insightful, practical and down to earth workshop and explore ways how to support your child and deal with the anxiety around starting new school or drop-off/pick-up routine.

What you will gain and discover:
- understanding how to understand and respond to your child's distress,
- ways to develop self-awareness and enhance self-control in stressful situations,
- techniques to contain and soothe separation or school-related anxiety.

Who is the workshop for?
Parents of pre- and primary school age children (4–10 years old)

Where, when, how much?
Next date and venue to be confirmed
£45 per parent (£5 discount with two parents booking)
Places are limited, so please book early. Please note, the fee for the workshop is non-refundable.

Laying the Foundations for Family Emotional Health and Wellbeing
Conference happened on the 9th November 2017

Please click here to view presentations from the conference.

Would you like to be a part of an initiative that brings together latest research and evidence-based best practice to make emotionally healthy families in our communities a reality for all?

The conference in Reading "Mental Health Starts in The Womb" focused on:
- showcasing latest evidence-based best practice on prevention
- mapping what is currently available and pathways
- identifying how we can work better together in filling gaps in the services

Speakers included Professor Vivette Glover, Professor Jane Barlow, George Hosking OBE and others.


Are you struggling with anxiety in your day-to-day life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by anxiety and its effects on you and your relationships?

Come to this workshop for adults whose lives, relationships and/or work are affected by anxiety and make a positive step towards overcoming anxiety in your life.

What you will gain and discover:
- understanding how and why anxiety affects your body and mind,
- ways to develop self-awareness and enhance self-control in stressful situations,
- techniques to soothe yourself and respond to anxiety when it shows up.

Who is the workshop for?
Adults struggling with anxiety and adults living with loved ones, who are affected by anxiety.

Where, when, how much?
Next date to be confirmed
£20, payable when booking
Refreshments will be provided. Places are limited, so I advise to book early. Please note, the fee for the workshop is non-refundable.
TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST please follow the link below.

Feedback from previous workshops: "The workshop was in depth, lots of examples - enough to recognise myself in it!" "I found most useful techniques to help myself when anxious."
Please click here to register your interest.

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